Following the grand opening of ScottTech, LLC, was celebrated on July 23, 2015. A warehouse management technology company, ScottTech, LLC is located at 336 Court St. in Binghamton. Founded in 1996, ScottTech designs automated material handling systems for warehouse and distribution centers, automated high-speed packaging and processing lines for food and beverage industries and a full suite of warehouse management products. The company operates its project management, distribution, engineering, service, installation, spare parts and manufacturing departments at its new Binghamton headquarters. In July 2014, Mayor David announced that ScottTech had purchased and started renovations in the former Hannsman’s Mills factory which had been vacant since 2006. The company invested more than $400,000 in rehabilitating the facility and purchasing new equipment. ScottTech employs 33 individuals. ScottTech chose the Binghamton location as its headquarters was because of its close proximity to downtown hotels and restaurants. The company will continue to maintain its Syracuse facility for software development and support. As part of its expansion, ScottTech has hired new assembly and technical positions. The company recently added three new engineering positions, with salaries ranging from $50,000-75,000.