A partnership between LUMA founders anf the City of Binghamton, the second LUMA Projection Arts Festival 2016 took place on September 2nd with 5 projection installations one of which featured a live 48-piece orchestra provided by the Binghamton Philharmonic synchronized with a featured animation of BC and Wizard of Id comic characters in cooperation with the strips’ cartoonists. In addition, the 2016 event featured LUMA’s first juried competition which had a $5,000 grand prize. The evening began with an inaugural SingBing that provided over 100 community members with an opportunity to join an ensemble to practice and sing for a recorded video. 2017 promises new acts, features and better parking, The BLDC and Binghamton Economic Development help support this exciting new project which brings world class projection mapping to all the residents of the greater Binghamton area and Binghamton University students.